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At R.D. Jacobs Company, we are committed to developing measuring equipment that works just as diligently as you do. That’s why we offer a variety of dynamometers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have different models that will give you the flexibility to adapt to the situation at hand. Browse our selection of products and place your order today.

The EDXtreme

The EDXtreme is a modular dynamometer that is versatile by design. You can use it as a hanging scale or as the hub of a complex weighing system. With this device, it is possible to have multiple dynamometers in one workspace from a single, wireless remote. This model is also available with an optional Communicator


Through extensive research, development, and industry research, we’ve designed a force measurement device that provides accurate measurements while remaining sturdy and dependable. Key features of the EDXtreme include:

  • Extended Battery Life
  • 300' - 600' Radio Communication Distance
  • High Speed Peak Capture
  • Brilliant Backlighting
  • Date and Time Settings
  • Continuous Data Storage
  • Re-Calibration Reminder
  • Multiple Communicators
  • Faster RF connectivity 
ED Extreme

Specialty Features

The EDXtreme is specially built to withstand heavy-duty applications. It is also highly user-friendly, which makes operation both dependable and hassle-free. The specialty features of the EDXtreme dynamometer include:

  • Corrosion Resistance: High-capacity models are constructed from nickel-plated alloy steel. Lower-capacity models contain anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • 5:1 Factor of Safety: Rigorous computer testing confirms this device is built to last. It both low-stress and has a long product life.
  • Retained Hardware: Permanent attachment of centering spacers is possible. This minimizes fumbling during high capacity rigging.
  • NEMA 4X/IP55: Compatible with any job site, thanks to built-in protection against dirt, dust, non-corrosive liquids, and water.
  • Extreme accuracy of 0.1%: Carefully designed to provide high-resolution and accurate, repeatable ratings. It is finely tuned with an enhanced resolution mode of 1 part in 5000.
  • Exclusive SOFTKEY Interface: Enabled for fast setup and simple operation. This device can read in lbf, kgf and Newtons. Programmable functions can correct for gravitational variations and allow the use of custom units of measurement.
  • Wide-Angle LCD:  Provides improved readability over a wider viewing angle and is available with backlighting for low-light conditions.
  • Battery Operation: Uses two C-cell batteries for accessibility and fast replacement..
  • Wireless Communication: Powered with a 2.4Ghz radio frequency, allowing it to maintain a stable connection.
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The EDjunior

The EDjunior is built with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. Apply a load, and you can take a reading in a short time. The no-nonsense design is robust and can handle a variety of work environments. You can rely on this force measurement device for simple, yet critical measurements of force and weight.



  • Measurement Capabilities: Capable of providing readings in different units of measurements including lbf, kgf and Newtons. Provides peak detection as well as sustained load readings.
  • Accuracy: Rated with an accuracy of 0.2%. This level of precision offers flexibility for use in a broad range of applications.
  • Resolution: Readings are displayed with a resolution of 1 part in 1000 to ensure the level of readability required for critical lifting applications.
  • Control Interface: Utilizes our proprietary SOFTKEY interface, providing simple and streamlined user experience. Has a simplified setup and display function with a six-digit, dot-matrix display for numerals.
  • High Strength, Low Weight: Specially designed for mobility and ease-of-use on the worksite. Features a 7:1 factor of safety with an angled body to prevent binding or mishandling mishaps.
  • Battery Operation: Utilizes two C-cell batteries. The average operating life is 200 hours per replacement.
  • NEMA4/IP65: Suited for a variety of worksites. Repels dirt, dust, non-corrosive liquids, and water.

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AP Dynamometer

Tackle a diverse range of jobs. The AP dynamometer allows you to take on projects like mounting cables for bridges, adjusting the tension on guy wires, field testing chain, rope, wire, or anything requiring precision force or tension measurement. This option exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction, and weight measuring instrument.

AP Dynamometer


  • Wide-Ranging Capacities: Available in capacities from 500 to 50,000 pounds; 200 to 20,000 kilograms; and 2,000 to 500,000 Newtons.
  • Built to Last: Manufactured with a steel flexing beam, heavy-duty aluminum alloy case, and a baked-on protective finish. It can withstand a variety of work environments.
  • Safe for Overhead Applications: Most models come with a 5:1 ultimate safety factor.
  • Customized Zero Controls: Use it like a tare, as this model can cancel preset load values up to 20% of device capacity.

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